cloggeddrainClogged drains can be a nightmare to home and business owners. Clogged drains and sewer lines can not only be a headache but can cause severe property damage and can be a health hazard if not taken care of in a timely manner. Overflow from clogged drains inside of the house can cause mold and water damage to personal property and lead to costly insurance claims and out of pocket expenses.

Clogged sewer lines are the main drain line from you house that leads to your sewer or your septic tank. These lines can clog and will make your drain lines inside of the home overflow. Customers frequently get drains and sewers mixed up. A drain line is only the line from the fixture trap to the horizontal stack or vertical building drain. When multiple drains are on a line the line is then considered a building drain, a stack or a building sewer.

A building drain is usually 3″ in size and exits the house. A building sewer line is the line outside of the house going to the septic tank or city sewer and is a minimum of 4″. A lot of plumbers say they can or will unclog any drain for $99.00 take note that most homes have 5 or 6 drains and only 1 sewer line. So before you pay $700 to $1000 to unclog all of your drains in your home or business make sure it’s not your building sewer which usually cost around $300 to $400 to unclog and $200 to $300 to camera and inspect the inside of the sewer line to check for problems.

Most drains in homes clog from putting things that don’t belong down the drains some things like hair and soap scum will be in the drains regardless and can only be prevented with quarterly maintenance and using things like Draino and Liquid Plumber. Using those things every 3 to 4 months will help the drains not build up with hair, soap scum and grease. It’s like maintenance on your car like changing your oil.

A lot of people try to use Draino and Liquid Plumber after the drain is clogged, but it’s often too late by then. That’s like trying to put oil in a car after the engine has blown up. It doesn’t magically unclog your drain just like oil doesn’t magically fix your blown engine – it only helps prevent it from clogging.

The main problem that causes sewers to clog are:

1) roots
2) paper towels or sanitary wipes
3) feminine products
4) grease
5) improper installation
6) back fall in the line

Only a trained and license plumber can diagnose these problems and make the necessary repairs. Call AM/PM Plumbing to get set up with a whole house drain clean special $199 or a free plumbing inspection.

Always remember a healthy plumbing system is a safe plumbing system. If you have questions or would like one of our expert service professionals check your plumbing system, call AM/PM Plumbing today.